Kenny Klein with Stapler

Kenny Klein with Stapler

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Chewbacchus Rolls!

From my window, I can hear the third parade to pass by my house today. One of the big ones, early in the week, moving along the main parade route. These parades with large tractor pulled floats and high school bands, don't interest me as much as smaller DIY parades. That's why last night was awesome for me. It was the night that the Intergalactic Krewe Of Chewbacchus rolled through the Marigny.

I'll be doing a full piece for the Huffington Post (here it is), but there's no way I'll fit all of the 115 photos I took last night into that piece (in retrospect, no, I couldn't). So here are a bunch of photos, in absolutely no apparent order. I started out at line-up in the Marigny, watched the parade from very crowded Frenchmen street; ran up to Saint Claude and caught the parade as it was paused while members had a drink at the Hi-Ho; then I followed the parade back to the warehouse.

Here are some shots...

Chewbacchus is our Science-Fiction, Fantasy and Geek parade. Made up of a main krewe, the Intergalactic Krewe Of Chewbacchus, there are dozens of satellite krewes, like P. U. E. W. C., the People for the inclusion of Unicorns, Elves and Winebots in Chewbacchus, above and below.  

Another satellite krewe is the Party Elves of Mirkwood, co-captained by my girlfriend and co-conspiritor, Lauren DeVoe.

Here are some shots of the line-up in the Marigny, before lift-off...

Above and below, my friend Candace with Brass Band Mission.

Above, Parade Mistress Gin Walker was everywhere at once. No one complained. 

Above and below, people in the enormous crowd of spectators. The pair below are my Longfellow Street band mates Trey and Mallory Andrews. 

The parade hits Frenchmen street. The crowds were overwhelming there. Last year the parade had 20,000 spectators. I'd estimate the crowds this year as triple that! 

High-fiving the Ladies Of Star Trek.

Krewe of Who...

Above, robot hangover. His sign says "I regret nothing." 

Above, Red Shirts make Chewbacchus run. 

Above, the Elfin Moose Mobile, a play on King Thranduil's elk (of The Hobbit). Below, model, geek, mother, my friend, and all round amazing woman, Julie. 

Above and below, Red Shirts saving our galaxy from Imperial terror!! Below's Red Shirt is monitoring Bar-2-D-2, a working bar droid.

Gin Walker was everywhere. Everywhere!

Above, a play on Mardi Gras krewe-at-large the Rolling Elvi, here are the Rolling Elliots.

Austin's Dead Music Capitol Band. 


More Whovian madness...

Captains courageous Lauren and Midori. 

Faces in the crowd on Saint Claude. 

My friends Elena and Dizzy, both great musicians, selling jello shots to a booze-craving crowd. 

I leave you for now with some faces-in-the-crowd on Saint Claude. I'll have my coverage for the Huffington Post up in a day or two (it's here, now). Til then, this is Kenny Klein, at Chewbacchus Parade in the Marigny, explaining it all!