Kenny Klein with Stapler

Kenny Klein with Stapler

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What I've Been Up To

This is a new experiment for me, keeping a Blog and actually remembering to write something fairly here goes. Let's start with (trumpet fanfare):

What I've Been Up To:

I got back home from my tour a couple of weeks ago, promising myself that once I was home I would work tirelessly on finishing the novel I started nearly a year ago. I would wake up early, write for hours, and have glowing pages to show for it, until the thing was done!!

That was the plan. In reality I wake up early, except early often occurs at ten am. I drag myself into the kitchen for coffee. I drink two sips of said coffee and decide I don't really want coffee. I check e-mail for an hour or two, looking at the various notifications I've been blessed with on all of my various social networking sites. I check in with my AWESOME GF Lauren, who is in the library working hard (checking her social networking websites), I watch an episode of Veronica Mars or Alphas (I'm actually out of unwatched episodes of both, so I will accept suggestions for my next obsessive Hulu, Neflix or WB show). THEN I write a few pages of the novel, which is coming out AWESOME, if very slowly.

The new novel is about (oh you're going to be SO surprised) Faeries. (I know, shocking, right? Should I have waited until you were sitting down?). And here is an offer to my die hard fans (both of you). I really need some feedback: real feedback, like "the flow here isn't working" or "this section needs more action." So if you'd like to read the manuscript as it currently stands, let me know. I'm willing to e-mail it to a couple of trusted fans/friends for some real critique.

In other news, I've got several new dolls to work on, including (for those of you who speak Blythe) a Chocolate and a Vanilla as a set (they're beautiful), and a couple of Prima Dollies. But I've been so busy writing (and throwing away perfectly good coffee, and watching V Mars) that I have not begun customizing any new dolls. This will happen soon. Except for the ever lovely and incredibly talented Beth Patterson, none of my band mates are back in NOLA yet, so other than a couple of Fidgety Rabbit gigs I have not been playing much music since my tour. But soon they will all be back, the streets will be filled with song, and I will be complaining on this very Blog about how I've been out making music every day and have had no time to write books or work on dolls. Welcome to my life.

That's about it. Lauren and I plan to move from Uptown NOLA to the Bywater in a couple of weeks. We will be living in a beautiful house full of strippers and lawyers, and a couple of dogs, with wrought iron pentacles on the gates. I'll let you know just how that goes.

From NOLA, this is Kenny Klein, explaining it all.


  1. I would love to read the current version of your new novel, if you are still looking for someone to do that. If you want to reach me via e-mail, it is mrw at

  2. Welcome to the Blogosphere! I will link yours with mine. -Mankey