Kenny Klein with Stapler

Kenny Klein with Stapler

Thursday, June 14, 2012

North Carolina Treasures and Trash...

A few items of news before the Blog entry: my website, , has been having some server issues. It should be repaired any day now (they tell me they have identified the problem and are working on it). The site is dismally malfunctioning just in time for the release of my newest CD, Black Cat Blues; despite my site being down, you can listen to and obtain the new CD here. I also have a new book of poetry out, available on Lulu or Smashwords. Many poems (some erotic), some photos (same), and a few song lyrics are contained therein.

OK, on to the Blog...

I am on tour at the moment, playing music and signing books. My travels lately have taken me to the eastern part of lovely North Carolina.

What strikes me about this part of the country, beside the beautiful forests and flowing rivers, is the ruined buildings that line the roads. Each holds some mystery; who lived there? how did this homestead burn, or topple, or fall to disrepair? I am fascinated by these questions (anyone who follows my photography has most likely seen my pictures of the ghosts towns of the American west, ).

Over the last couple of days I've taken the opportunity to photograph a few of these ruined homes and barns. Here are a couple of shots:

I'll be leaving NC in a few days, and heading to Ohio for Wisteria Summer Solstice. Then on to NYC for Witchsfest, Ohio for Starwood, and NY for Sirius and Summerfest. I hope to see you!!

From Highway 17 in North Carolina, this is Kenny Klein explaining it all. 

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  1. Great photos Kenny. Not Oklahoma but they make me think Grapes of Wrath anyway.